>La newsletter du SCAR de novembre 2021 est parue

Le secrétariat du SCAR annonce la parution de la newsletter de novembre 2021.

Introduction from the SCAR Secretariat

Welcome to the November edition of the SCAR newsletter.

We are excited to be featured in the new ’Unlocking Science’ series, which was produced for the International Science Council by BBC Storyworks. Our dynamic article "What Antarctica can teach us about climate change" features members of the SCAR community and highlights how SCAR brings together scientists from different disciplines and countries to make more precise predictions about future climate change. In this newsletter we also look back on our SCAR side events at COP26. You can watch the recordings of the event on our website.

There has been plenty to celebrate in the SCAR community this month. Our Scientific Research Programmes (SRPs) Ant-ICON and INSTANT have beautiful new logos, SCAR took part in Polar Pride Day celebrations, and there’s a new publication contributing to the SCAR PAIS and INSTANT SRPs. Looking ahead, Antarctica Day (1st December) will be celebrated around the world tomorrow. Make sure to join the various activities and events planned for the day.

There are also numerous opportunities for researchers at all stages in this month’s newsletter, and a range of other news and events. We warmly encourage you to share your photos, news or other relevant updates with us for next month’s edition.

With best wishes,
The SCAR Secretariat